Corruption, Sport and what we can learn from the Super League debacle

European Super League, we hardly knew ye!

On Sunday 19th April 2021 12 of Europe’s ‘biggest’ football clubs announced their plans to break away from established European competition to form their own ‘Super League’. Little more than 48 hours later over half of them had backed down in the face of overwhelming opposition and the Super League idea (in this form at least) was all but dead.

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Why are there so few domestic cases of corruption in the UK?

Domestic corruption in the UK is increasingly at the forefront of national discussion yet simultaneously, investigation and criminal prosecution of corruption cases seems scant. In his forthcoming working paper, Former New Scotland Yard Detective Superintendent Tristram Hicks examines the UK’s investigative and prosecutorial framework and argues that at present we are largely in the dark about the scale of the problem of domestic corruption.

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